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Restaurants help Gov. Workers in Tampa

Included in these restaurants are Due to the recent government shutdown, a local restaurant in Tampa has offered free appetizers to any government employee who can show a paystub from the government with zero income. You will have to prove you're a government employee of course with appropriate credentials. A government ID and pay stub […]

Babysitter or Nanny Paystub

One of the reasons we have created this site originally, is because our personal needs of giving Nanny's regular paystub. We had a nanny in Hong Kong that wanted to get a personal loan, but, couldn't show proof of income. She came to us with that, and we said of course we can verify her […]

Pay Stub Security

Our website and your pay stubs just got a bit more, with our SSL certificate.   You may or may have heard of this.   An SSL certificate is just one more layer of security you should always look for when you make a purchase online.    Pay stub security is always important, but, when you spend your […]


You can have a logo

You can upload logo after getting approved EIN Number, that you can get from this link Some paystubs have Company Logos that show the validity of the Company. This can also make your stubs look more detailed. We have upgraded our site to be able to add a logo to your paystub. This new feature […]


Yes... We love testimonials and happy customers with our Free Pay Stub Promo Deal!!! So, here it is... Use (Purchase)  our pay stubs, and then take a Selfie in front of the purchase or rental or whatever you use the pay stub for. With you in it, and a piece of Cardboard or Paper with […]

Pay Stub with Tips.

As you may know, we are constantly trying to improve our product. So, we now ask you to tell us, or show us, what is a good format for a pay stub, with tips options on it. Most of our pay stubs are created to assist people that have an hourly wage. But, don't have […]

Pay Stub with a Logo

In our constant push to make our Pay Stubs clean and correct, we're adding a LOGO option. yes..  now, you can create your Pay Stub with your company Logo on it. You just need to be approved EIN Number, that you can get from this link. This has never been done online with pay stubs, […]

Pay Stub Direct is Certified

Pay Stub Direct is officially Certified. We've been working on this site for a few years now, and we finally saved up some money to get an external audit and received our SSL certificates. Which means that we were verified as legit. We provide what we say, and we have a 3rd party confirming that. […]

Pay Stub Direct from Manufacturer

Clean, Correct and Detailed, these are the 3 most important values we strive for here at Pay Stub Direct, in our quest to create our masterpiece. Yes, Easy is important, yes, Value is important, and we do very well. But, our primary objective is the 3 we mentioned. Ultimately, that is why you are here […]