We do NOT Make Fake Pay stubs.    this is NOT a fake pay stub site.

Please do not ask us for Pay Stubs - This is a legitimate site for Legitimate Business owners or people who need paystubs to represent Actual Income.

What we Do.

We use industry standard practices to perform accurate tax and withodling values.   We calculate your witholdings for the periods you select.   We use numerous paystub templates to match your style.     Then we save it in an easily printable PDF format for you to use anywhere.   We all do this instantly and with a free instant Preview.


  • You lost your originals from a past job – If you left your prior employer on bad terms or they are not in business anymore, you may need to show a pay stub.
  • You want to verify that your current paystubs are correct – Some employers user “funny math” and their accounting practices aren’t that great, use our service to make sure you are getting your fair share.
  • You are self-employed and don’t make paystubs – If you get paid directly from your customers for services or products, then you don’t give yourself a paycheck stub, you just use your money earned as income,   examples are lawn care, massage therapy, eBay or Amazon sellers
  • Educational Purposes

Reasons NOT to make a stub

  • Fraud
  • Obtaining a Loan
  • Deceit
  • Any Illegal Activities.