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The Public Utility Commission of would like you to know that, if you believe this bill contains unauthorized charges, please contact Star Electricity, Inc DBA at (866) 917-8271 to dispute such charges. If you are not satisfied you may file a complaint with the PUCT at, P.O. Box.

Certificate # 10089

Member Since
Account Number: 892774423
Invoice Number: 002547
To report outages and emergencies to your regulated TDU please call:
Account Summary as of Bill Date 06/28/2015
(Ongoing True Up Amount) $-112.91
Previous Balance $-325.09
Payments Received $-200.00
Balance Forward $-525.09
Current Charges $
AMOUNT DUE (if paid by 07/20/2015) $-451.62
AMOUNT DUE (if paid after 07/20/2015) $-451.62
A 5.00 % late payment penalty will be charged on the current bill if not paid by the due date
Service Address:
ESI ID: 1008901005113201840100
Meter Number Previous Meter
Read Date
Current Meter
Read Date
# Days Previous Meter
Current Meter
Demand Meter Multiplier kWh
I63569116 0
MESSAGES CURRENT CHARGES (See back for details)
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We never charge you to call in and speak with a Customer Care Representative, request help, or make a payment via phone or online.
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Energy Charges* $56.83
CenterPoint Energy Surcharges Approved by PUC* $25.41
Sales Tax and Assessments $2.51
ESIID Start Date End Date
Amount billed may include additional price changes allowed by law or regulatory action
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Retain this portion for your records. Thank you.
Please allow 5 to 7 days for processing. Detach and return this portion with check payable to StarTex Power or you may pay online by visiting

Invoice Number Account Number Due Date Total Amount Due
0025479526 892774423 $
AMOUNT DUE (if paid after 07/20/2015) $
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Certificate # 10089