Make Fake Pay stubs.

We’ve been asked many times to make fake pay stubs,   by random users.   We have also been accused of making fake paycheck stubs.   We do not make fake Pay stubs.   We make REAL PAY STUB.   We are a service that provides payroll services to small and medium sized companies or individuals that have a record keeping need for a real, accurate and authentic paystub.


We use industry standard practices to perform accurate tax and withodling values.   We calculate your income for the periods you select.   We use numberous paystub templates to match your style.     Then we save it in an easily printable PDF format for you to use anywhere.   We all do this instantly and with a free instant Preview.

Fake Paystubs

We don’t even know how to make a fake paystub, maybe fake means that someone misrepresents themselves, or lies about the amount they make.    This has nothing to do with the paystubs, it is all about the person using it.   Doesn’t matter if the person says they make a certain amount or writes it down incorrectly, They are still misrepresenting themselves.   The person is the fake, not the paystub.

Does fake paystubs mean fake paper? Fake data? Fake what?     Nothing is fake if it can be backed up by the person.   If they can pay the bills that equal the stub, then that’s all the proof that is needed.   A paystub is just a receipt that cannot be used to return anything.       A receipt is a proof of purchase of a product at a specific place.     So buying an iPhone from Best buy, vs Buying an iPhone from Amazon will be proved by the receipt.   An iPhone is an iPhone, if you have it, it’s real.   If you lie and say it’s from one place or another, and make a receipt, that’s on you.

The paystub is the same, If you made that money, that’s all we care about, and if you have the money to purchase the products or pay the rent or lease, then who cares.   Paystub or not.


We assume that all the values you give us, are the ones that you use, for whatever you want to use it.     We assume you are not here to make fake pay stubs.  We have no way to trace or track your numbers.   Nor do we want or have time for it.   This is a service used for many users by out customers.     We have not had a single complaint or accusation about falsified information.   Our customers use our pay stub service for the following reasons.


  • You lost your originals from a past job – If you left your prior employer on bad terms or they are not in business anymore, you may need to show a pay stub.
  • You want to verify that your current paystubs are correct – Some employers user “funny math” and their accounting practices aren’t that great, use our service to make sure you are getting your fair share.
  • You are self employed and don’t make paystubs – If you get paid directly from your customers for services or products, then you don’t give yourself a paycheck stub, you just use your money earned as income,   examples are lawncare, massage therapy, ebay or amazon sellers
  • Novelty paystubs
  • Privacy – You don’t want everyone knowing where you work.     We hhave had adult entertainer
  • Educational Purposes
  • Dreams – hang up the paystub of your dreams - look at it daily, and aim for that result
  • Movie Props – Movies are more and more real nowadays, so, everything down to the final detail must be perfect, or the critics will eat you alive
  • Gag – have some fun with some fun numbers, make your friends or loved ones think you’re rich.

Parents – Don’t have a job, but your parents want you out of the house or “get off your lazy ass”.   Then make one here, and tell them to shove it, and stop pestering you.