• Paystub for Nanny

    Easily Pay your Domestic Helper or Nanny

  • Paystubs for Gardner

    Your employees, part-time or contract, make Paystubs

  • Automotive Paystub

    Small Garage or Car Wash Employee paystubs

Welcome to PayStub Direct

PayStub Direct is a subsidiary of Abstract United Corp.   We provide Virtual Human Resource Solutions to small and medium sized businesses.    Primarily Payroll, but expanding to Company Verification, Virtual Employee Assistance and Payroll Services.    We help small companies become bigger, by taking some of the admin work away from the owner, and allowing them to focus on the business.     Typical customers are

  1. Lawn Care
  2. Pool Maintenance
  3. Small Automotive Garage
  4. Nanny or Home helper
  5. Many others that are getting off their feet.

Our specialization

Online Human Resources
PayRoll and Paystub Generating
Virtual Assistant
Help your Business GROW!!!