PayStub with Your Logo

In our constant push to make our Pay Stubs clean and correct, we're adding a LOGO option. yes..  now, you can create your PayStub with your Logo on it.   You just need to be approved EIN Number, that you can get from this link.

This has never been done online with pay stubs, but, we want ours to be the best, and most customizable. We are the first to create Pay stubs with a logo on it. I'm sure our competitors will copy us, but, by then, we'll have a bunch of new features, that will always outdo what they are doing.

So, you may need to edit it a little bit, in case it's not the exact image that would fit.

Why would you need a Logo?   well,  to look professional is one.    All companies have a brand, and your brand makes your employees happy and proud to work with.   Your logo should be everywhere,  on the employees shirt,   The storefront,  your invoices, and even paystubs.   Adding a logo to a paystub is easy on Paystub Direct.

Another Reason, if for security.   You don't want other people using your paystubs erroneously or fraudulently.   With your logo, it is easy to call you and verify that you are the owner, and that person is your employee.

Either way,  to get your paystub with your logo, you will need proof of business,  via an EIN number.   It's a simple, free, and easy process.   Just get one, submit the form, and you are off

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